Polyacrylamide series

Anionic Polyacrylamide

Anionic Polyacrylamide Polymer is used for water treatment, mining, paper mills and sugar production.Polyacrylamide (abbreviated as PAM) is a polymer (-CH2CHCONH2-) formed from acrylamide subunits. It can be synthesized as a simple linear-chain structure or cross-linked.
Anionic Polyacrylamide
Anionic polyacrylamide allows particles to be aggregated by absorbing the suspended solids in water, because its molecular chain contains a certain amount of polar group. It can speed up the sedimentation of particles in suspended liquid. In addition, this kind of water treatment chemical can obviously accelerate the clarification of solution, and also facilitate filtration. 

Anionic Polyacrylamide Flocculant Drilling additive Application:

- Bamboo stick incense,mosquito coil etc. viscosity can be released under  the condiction of dry mixing.

- As kneading agent when used with coal ash and Metal ash.

- Piling,drilling,washing and related special fields.

- Other application that request slimsy granule and momentary viscosity.

  • High performance high molecular weight anionic polyacrylamide
  • Excellent for use in wastewater and effluent treatment applications
  • Ieal for mechanical dewatering
  • gravity settling
  • as a coagulant aid
  • water clarification
  • filtration
  • phosphate removal
  • an aid in Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) units
  • Reduces need for inorganic salts
  • Achieves high solids removal
  • Economical to use

1) Appearance: White granule
2) Molecular weight: 5 - 22 million minimum
3) Granule: 20 - 100 mesh
4) Solid content: 88% minimum
5) Hydrolyzing degree: 10 - 20%, 20 - 30% or 30 - 50%
6) Dissolving time: 1 hours maximum (10° C)
7) Insoluble: 0.5% maximum
8) Monomer free: 0.05% maximum

Anionic Polyacrylamide Flocculant Drilling additive Specification:






White Granule Powder

Solid Content(%)


Molecular Weight(million)


Degree of Hydrolysis(%)


Insoluble Matter(%)


Solution Time(min)


Residual Monomer(%)


Effective PH Value


Grade Molecular WEIGHT Charge density solid content  Dissolving time
 Anionic polyacrylamide  5-22 million  10%-50%  89% min  90 minutes max
 Cationic polyacrylamide   8-12 million  5% -60%  89% min  90 minutes max
 Non-ionic polyacrylamide   8-12 million  0%-5%  89% min  90 minutes max

25kg/plastic enhanced paper bags with inner plastic bag, 25kg/PE bag,If you have special requirement on the prduct packing details, we will following your request.