Poly aluminium chloride series

Basic Polyaluminium Chloride

PAC series of different degree of polymerization of the composition of inorganic polymers, mainly composed of AL13O4 (OH) 24 (H2O) 127 + highly charged polymer chain polymerization of aluminum ions and colloidal particles in water with high efficiency and power in and bridging flocculation function, can effectively remove the water turbidity, color, heavy metals and trace organic compounds.
Basic Polyaluminium Chloride

It has unique effect in treating papermaking and printing sewage. Flocculating quickly with high settling velocity, which reduces precipitation time, improving productivity of 1.5~3 times under the corresponding condition. Throwing smaller alkalinity of inorganic coagulant in the water, the PH value reduces.There are widespread programs to fluoridate drinking water in the United States. However, in certain regions, such as the Raipur region of India, there is enough fluorine in the water to cause fluorosis. Activated alumina filters can easily reduce fluoride

Product Description

It is inorganic polymer, is the use of industrial aluminum and aluminum slag ash and activity of
refined bauxite as raw material after processing by aggregation, the higher activity of this product,
industrial sewage, water paper, printing and dyeing the water with more good purifying effect.

Product performance:

1.High activity, with less adaptable;

2.Dissolved rapidly, faster settlement;

3.Can effectively remove metals and radioactive substances to water pollution.
Appearance: Gray or black granular or flake solid.

Technical parameter

Appearance gray or black particles

Analysis items

Analysis result

Analysis items

Analysis result



PH(1% of solution)




Water insoluble1% of solution



1.Flocculate forming fast, good active, and wide range of uses.

2.There is no need to add the alkaline additives, and its effect is unchangeable in case of the deliquescence.

3.PH value to adapt to a wide, strong adaptability and wide range of uses.

4.Treated less salt in water.

5.It is able to remove heavy metals and radioactive substances from the water pollution.

6.There is high active ingredient, easy to store and transport.

Application Method:

1. The solid products should be added after dilution. Dilution ratio generally: 2%~20% (in weight percentages).

2. The general dosage: 1~15 grams / ton, and the actual dosage is based on users’ test to determine.

3. The product can not be mixed with other chemicals.

Package and Storage:

1. Be pakced in polypropylene woven bag with plastic inner or according to customers' requirements, 25kg/bag

2. Useful life is 2 years, should be stored in airy and dry place.