Ferric salt series

Ferric Sulphate

Ferric Salts are used in many different municipal and industrial applications. In water and wastewater treatment operations, ferric salts are used as coagulants or flocculants for water clarification, odor control to minimize hydrogen sulfide release, for phosphorus removal, and as a sludge thickening, conditioning and dewatering agent.

Ferric Sulphate

Application of Ferrous Sulfate

1.For iron salt, iron oxide pigments, mordant, purifying agent, preservatives, disinfectants, etc.
2.As an iron fortifier for feed additives;
3.Agriculture can be used as pesticides, can prevent wheat smut, apple and pear scab, fruit tree rot disease; food grade for nutritional supplements, such as iron fortifier, fruit and vegetable hair color agent.
4.Can also be used as fertilizer, can remove the moss and lichen trunk. Is the manufacture of magnetic iron oxide, iron oxide red and iron blue inorganic pigments, iron catalyst and polysulfate raw materials.
5.Also used as a chromatographic reagent.

Ferric Sulphate Features: 

1) High quality and efficient inorganic polymer coagulant.
2) Good coagulation function with thick flocs and fast sedimentation.
3) Excellent purifying effect. 
4) Safe, reliable, nonpoisonous and harmless: doesn't contain any harmful substances such as aluminum, chlorine, heavy metal ions, pesticide, and water phase transference of iron ions.

5) Can be used in discolouring, dehydrating, deodorizing, degreasing, sterilizing as well as discarding  heavy metal iron, radioactive substance and carcinogens in the water, and eliminate COD, BOD, and color.

6) Can treat water with PH from 4 to 11, (the optimum pH is 6-9), PH barely changes after treatment,and has little corrosiveness effect to the equipment

7) Has very good effect in purifying the river water with algae, low temperature and low urbidity,and slightly contaminated. 

8) Has a better effect in purifying the high turbidity river water

Ferric Sulphate Specifications:                                              

1) Fe content:                       19% (min.)

2) Fe2+ content:                    0.15% (max.)

3) PH (1% water solution):  2.0 - 3.0

4) Insolubles:                       1.0% (max.)

Package and Storage:                                                                                
1.It is harmless, no-flammable and non-explosive, it can be stored at room temperature, it can not be placed in the sun.
2.25kg/polypropylene woven bags with inner plastics bag
3.Storage temperature: 5-30°C.
4.The product would show slightly stratification or appear white at low temperature. There is no negative impact on the performance after mixing up.